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Judicial Sale of Real Property near University Parkway & US 52

Kirk Sanders, Commissioner for a judicial sale, will be selling the property located at 184 University Center Dr. in Winston-Salem

Approximately 0.60 acre. Also known as tax block & lot: 3450 101Q (geo-data tax map below)

Sale Date: August 8, 2013 Time: 10:00am

Forsyth County Courthouse, 2nd Floor. See file 13 CVS 430 in Forsyth County Courthouse

The attorneys at Sanders Law Firm PLLC represent clients in collection cases, fiduciary litigation (POA theft, embezzlement of funds), will caveats, and business litigation. Call 336-724-4707.

Build-A-Bandit absconds with car owners deposits

Build-A-Bandit owner, Robert Allen McElreath, took over $2,000,000 in deposits from car owners then didn’t work on their cars. He’s believed to have fled the state.

Attorney General Roy Cooper said June 3 that a judge issued a temporary restraining order against Robert Allen McElreath. The order issued last week told el Bandito to stop taking orders and advance deposits for automobile restoration in North Carolina.

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