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NEWS RELEASE: Sanders Law Firm Obtained Judgment for $31,716.97

Sanders Law Firm's attorneys obtained a judgment in Forsyth County Superior Court against an Alamance County manufacturer in the amount of $31,716.97. Defendant debtor has begun making payments towards judgment in lieu of the law firm executing against their property.

Sanders Law Firm's Lawyers represent clients for collection matters in North Carolina including Kernersville & Winston-Salem. Call Kirk Sanders at (336)724-4707

Dusting Off the Bike and Getting Ready for Spring!

It’s this time of year when the trees and flowers start blooming and the weather warms a bit that many dust off their motorcycles and hit the road.  My wife and I enjoyed a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day evening cruising through Winston Salem and checking out all the green.  We were not alone.  At each intersection you could hear the roar of V-Twins echoing off the buildings.

Commercial Loans & 5 year calls perspective from an Attorney

A number of clients refinance their business loans on real property. Most loans have a call date or balloon date on the fifth anniversary.

The problem: the new loans restart the amortization payments of the loan. Years 5-10 of a 15 year loan amortization are when the loan principal gets paid down dramatically by you. You should consider working towards getting that principal reduced.

Goal: pay down the principal amount owed on the loan.

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