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4th Street Art & Frame, LLC-new Winston-Salem Business

A new frame shop is open in Winston-Salem, NC.

Fourth Street Art & Frame, LLC

336-725-0111 at 846 W. Fourth Street in Winston-Salem (West End)

Craig Brannon, the owner, has been framing pictures and photographs for 12 years for a local frame shop in Winston-Salem. Prior to that, he worked as a framer in Greenville, NC. He gives a discount to artist framing their works. The business also includes a gallery for NC artists.

Post Judgment Collection: 1-352 Examination of Debtor in Stokes Co.


Had a client come to see me about collecting on a judgment. He had an order from the court for the judgment debtors to return specific commercial equipment to him.

However, the debtors are concealing the equipment from the creditor. Sheriff can’t find it. Sheriff turns in the writ of execution unserved. He turns to me.

Probating Out-of-county or out-of-state Estates to convey Real Property in North Carolina

ISSUE: What do you need to do if there is an estate in one county or state and real property held by the decedent in another county?

In the event a person is administering an estate in one county where the decedent died, but the decedent held property in his/her name in another county, one needs to consider an ancillary proceeding in the county or counties where the real property is located. This is necessary for title to pass to the beneficiaries in the estate.

Why don't you get richer & have better retirement? Asks Joe America (Part I in series)

Ever wonder why you just can’t seem to save more?

“Save More?” you exclaim “I don’t save, in fact each month I think I get poorer.”

I’ve noticed as a lawyer over the last 15 and some years of practicing that the population as a whole is getting poorer. I know I’m not the only one, it’s been reported in papers. But I’ve seen it practicing law when people can’t afford to litigate a case they should litigate. I saw it back when I did bankruptcy cases also.

I’ve looked at why my family doesn’t save more too.

Legal Judgment: Sanders Law Firm obtains $408,880 Personal Injury judgment in Forsyth County, NC

This judgment completed a premises liability case in Winston-Salem, North Carolina against multiple defendants.

Two of the defendants settled after the complaint was filed, discovery was answered (interrogatories, request for production of documents) and multiple depositions.

Pedestrian killed on Business 40 (tags: Sanders Law Firm, NC pedestrian death attorney))

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -A pedestrian died Thursday, June 8th at 7:30am, after being hit by an SUV on Business 40, Winston-Salem police said.

The crash happened near the eastbound ramp for Silas Creek Parkway. The deceased was Victoria Lynn Evans, 45.



Legal Zoom to start your business, really? or Why you shouldn't be cheap getting your business started?

Legal Zoom to start your business, really? So you’re going to pay $99 to Legalzoom (PLUS filing fees). They’ll send you some documents. You fill some of them out & think you’re done.

Legalzoom expects you to fill out all the forms. Legalzoom sends you a blank operating agreement. Operating Agreements govern how the owners treat contributions, loans by owners, sale of ownership interest, voting, deadlocks, etc. (Read: this is an important document). Most people don’t fill in the Operating Agreement. Now they have troubles.

Notice by Publication Tip--in Forsyth County use the Clemmons Courier

I see it regularly. Some poor soul publishes a Creditors Notice for an estate or Notice of Service by Publication in the big paper in Winston-Salem. If they selected the Clemmons Courier or Kernersville paper they would have paid about 1/4 to 1/3 of the price! It's a drastic difference. So if you're an executor of an estate, by all means, advertise in the

Small Businessess & Employees-- A couple of tips

Having trouble with an employee? Continually missing work? Coming in late? Bad performance?

If an employee is doing something improper or that you deem objectionable, as described above, then give them a WRITTEN WARNING. Have them sign receipt of the warning, if they refuse, then note “refused” on the document. Give employee a copy and the employer should keep the original (in a safe, restricted place).

This helps two fold: 1) It can correct that problem with the employee & 2) It will help protect you against future action.


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