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POA Faces 25 Years After Appellate Courts Deny Argument that Transfers to POA Were for Medicaid Planning Purposes

A Texas appellate court upheld the conviction of a POA agent under a power of attorney who transferred funds to himself. The POA contended that he did this to qualify his former grandmother-in-law for Medicaid. In the earlier court trial before a jury, the POA was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Natho v. State (Tex. Ct.

Types of Power of Attorney Abuse

Power of attorney abuses can take many forms. It is committed by both family members and non-family.

Sometimes it’s caused because the POA agent does not understand 1) his/her role (mismanagement, improper accounting, poor investment decisions) and 2) duties the agent owes the principal (the person who executed the POA). A POA is supposed to act in the best interest of the principal when handling transactions for the principal.

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