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News Release: Sanders Law Firm resolves Motorcycle Wreck claim

December 5, 2011. Sanders Law Firm resolved the claim of injured Motorcycle Rider hit by car passing on the left. The motorcyclist was making a left hand turn when the car behind him attempted to pass on the left. Right side of the motorcycle was hit, pushing vehicle on to its left side and dragging underneath the vehicle. Terms of Settlement confidential. Kirk Sanders, Motorcycle Accident Attorney. 

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Speed Kills – and much more often on a motorcycle! Accident Attorneys

Speed Kills – and much more often on a motorcycle!

As the weather turns nicer, we all need to be on the alert for the two wheeled vehicles that share the road.  While there are things that we as motorcycle riders can do to increase our visibility, often the most significant thing we can do is be a little less aggressive on the throttle.  The thrill of spontaneous acceleration is a major reason for riding, but speed is a major cause of accidents, injuries, and death for riders.

What to do in case of a motorcycle accident. Protecting your rights.

Riding is serious fun.

Randy W. Ivie, Attorney at SANDERS LAW FIRM

While not for everyone, an increasing number of people count themselves among those who understand the thrill of riding a motorcycle.  Whether sport, cruiser, or dresser, little can compare to the exhilaration of twisting the throttle and feeling the road beneath you as you lean into the turns.

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