Motor vehicle accident; wrongful death attorney

Dram Shop liability. Wrongful Death of Innocent 3rd Party (NC Attorney)

Another example of dram shop liability is described below. This occurred in Washington State.

Dram Shop is a law that places a burden on the bar/restaurant serving alcohol not to continue serving an intoxicated person (drunk).

The statute specifically says:

North Carolina Statutes-- Chapter 18B. Regulation of Alcoholic Beverages-- Article 3. Sale, Possession, and Consumption

Current through 2010 Legislative Session

§ 18B-305. Other prohibited sales

Wrongful Death in Winston-Salem: Vernon "Babe" Thompson killed in Wheelchair

Over the weekend, Babe Thompson was hit by a driver and killed. The driver committed 'hit and run', but later turned himself in. Charges are being pressed.

In this situation, it appears that Mr. Thompson's estate has a wrongful death claim against the driver and his vehicle insurance policy.

When there is a wrongful death claim in North Carolina, there is a 2 year statute of limitations in which the claim can be brought in the courts.

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