School zone Fine & Court Costs for Traffic Tickets in Kernersville & Winston-Salem

The state keeps increasing ticket costs. Any traffic tickets  given after August 1, 2011 will cost $171 + $50. And if our firm's attorneys get you a non-moving violation, an additional $50.

It doesn't stop there. In October traffic ticket fees increase to $191 + $50...

And in December the base fee increases AGAIN.

Man Charged in Fatal Boat Accident (NC Lawyer)

When people drive their boats recklessly they can cause serious injuries or death. Here's another unfortunate example from Mayo Lake in Person County, North Carolina:

PERSON COUNTY  -- Authorities say a man involved in a deadly boating accident turned himself in hours after the incident.

Sgt. Bill Taylor of the NC Wildlife Resources told ABC11 Eyewitness News Tuesday that 33-year-old Robert Franklin Gentry of Roxboro surrendered to authorities Monday morning, about four hours after the accident.

Expunction – Erasing prior charges or convictions

            When was the last time you thought how nice it would be to erase something in your past?  If you’re like most people, there are a few things that you wish were not part of your history.  Under North Carolina law, you can erase some of those “mistakes,” whether ones made by you or by law enforcement officers.

Fair Debt Collection Act (consumer debt)- the 2006 law

If someone owes you money & it's a consumer debt. See below for definition of "consumer". You  need to be careful that you abide by the federal and state rules pertaining to how you may collect against the debt. Failure to abide by the rules could actually get a judgment entered against you, the creditor.

Below is the 2006 FDCPA. Know it.

Call Kirk Sanders at Sanders Law Firm, PLLC (336)724-4707 to discuss your collection case.

Car Wrecks: If you're injured make sure you get an Accident Report (Lawyer)

Many times when an accident occurs you are not exactly thinking as rationally as you would like. If the other driver was at fault or you were a passenger in a car involved in an accident, then make sure the police are called to investigate the accident scene. The independent investigation of an officer at the scene provides a lot of evidentiary weight.

If you can, get a witness or someone to take photographs of the collision. This is helpful to the lawyer to demonstrate the nature of accident and magnitude of the collision, especially if your case has to go to trial.

Wills & Trusts for Homosexual Couples

Occasionally I have had the following legal question posed to me by a homosexual couple wanting to make their partner a beneficiary of their estate: Can I leave my partner part of all of my estate?

The short answer is "Yes".

If you want to include your partner in your estate planning, please call my law office to obtain a copy of our estate planning questionaire. We can draft wills, power or attorneys, living wills, and healthcare POAs for you at a reasonable price.

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