Landlord Tenant Eviction

Lease drafting tip: Waiver of Jury Trial language

When drafting your lease, consider adding a clause that says:


      The parties agree that trial by jury shall be waived in the event of litigation.

Some tenants employ the gamemanship of appealing an eviction and asking for a jury trial because they know it will slow down the process of evicting the tenant.  This clause should save you legal expenses and time.

If you're a landlord, you need a written lease signed by your tenant.

·         Auto accidents (Car Wrecks)

When to Start the Eviction Process in North Carolina

Too many times I see landlords who have let a tenant stay in the rental property for several months without paying. This is a huge mistake and will cost you dearly.

Process I recommend:

1. make sure your written leases have a due date for rent.

2. Make sure your lease has a past due date.

3. The day after the past due date, send a letter (keep a copy for litigation, if necessary) stating:

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