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Landlord-Tenant late fee advice from Attorney

Late fees in NC residential real estate leases. Here are the present limits as of 12/1/11: see NCGS 42-46. Put these in your leases. You do have a written lease, right?

(a) Rent due in monthly installments, a landlord may charge a late fee not to exceed fifteen dollars ($15.00) or five percent (5%) of the monthly rent, whichever is greater;

Landlord Notice to to Tenant to terminate leases


As a landlord, sometimes you need to terminate a lease even when the tenant is a paying tenant. In North Carolina the statutes say that you need to give the tenant notices as follows:

1) A tenancy from year to year may be terminated by a notice to quit given one month or more before the end of the current year of the tenancy;

2) a tenancy from month to month by a like notice of seven days;

3) a tenancy from week to week, of two days.

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