School zone Fine & Court Costs for Traffic Tickets in Kernersville & Winston-Salem

The state keeps increasing ticket costs. Any traffic tickets  given after August 1, 2011 will cost $171 + $50. And if our firm's attorneys get you a non-moving violation, an additional $50.

It doesn't stop there. In October traffic ticket fees increase to $191 + $50...

And in December the base fee increases AGAIN.

35% of College Students use mobile phone apps WHILE driving

According to a survey by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, 35% of all college students use mobile phone applications while driving!

When someone is driving a 3000+ lb vehicle, it's important to focus on the road and driving conditions. What happened to focusing on defensive driving?

If you have been hurt or know someone seriously injured by a distracted driver. Call Attorney Kirk Sanders (336) 724-4707 to discuss the case. The consultation is free for personal injury clients.

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