Don’t Let Your Past Come Back to Haunt You! (Expungement Lawyer)

Don’t Let Your Past Come Back to Haunt You!

With so many people out of work, employers have a much greater number of applicants to choose from.  That doesn’t appear likely to change anytime soon.  Imagine finding out after submitting a number of applications that at least one potential employer rejected you because you have a criminal record.

Now suppose that the record is not because you were found guilty of any crime.  Instead, the record merely indicates that you were charged with a crime sometime in the past.

Deferred Prosecutions, Expungements, Underaged Drinking & drug possession. When lawyers can help your NC criminal issues

Someone recently asked me (Randy Ivie) if I thought, given all the distractions of drugs and alcohol, it was harder to be a college age student now than when I was that age.  The person who asked the question is just as old as I am, and apparently assumes that alcohol and illicit drugs are more readily available today than might have been true in the past. 

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