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UTMA vs. 529 Plan (Estate Planning Attorney)

What kind of plan should I fund for child’s education?

There are a number of choices, including: 529 Plan, UTMA (uniform trust for minors act), Coverdell & more.

I’m going to highlight the differences in 2, the 529 vs. UTMA.

UTMA—it’s an irrevocable gift to that minor. Irrevocable means you can’t take it back. There’s no stipulation for use. So depending on the language, somewhere between 18 & 21 the minor, then an adult, can say “Gimme my money”.

Last Will & Testament-Estate Planning: Should you use Legalzoom or Lawyer

Some folks want to draft a will but they're debating hiring an attorney or using Legalzoom. 

People like to save money. Question is: are you saving a buck now only to create major problems later? I've had to clean up the problems & it costs the estate $$$.

Going through the will process with an attorney gives you the opportunity to discuss your needs. PLUS the attorney should ask you questions to make sure what you want is what you need.

Challenges to a Last Will and Testament aka Caveat Proceeding

Scenario: A person dies, also known as the Decedent or Testator, and leaves a last will and testament. However, beneficiaries/heirs, either by intestate or by prior wills, think the will maker, aka the Testator, would not have made the will the way he or she did had they been of right mind.

What do you do?

There is a process in North Carolina called a Caveat Proceeding. That's a challenge of the will.

Grounds for challenging the Last Will and Testament are:

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