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New State Law Allows for Expunction of Non-Violent Felonies Committed Before Age 18 (Kernersville Lawyer)

The North Carolina State Legislature recently passed a new law that allows for the expunction of certain non-violent felonies when the offense was committed by someone under the age of eighteen. The law goes into effect on December 1, 2011.

Plea versus Trial – Odds May Be Against the Truly Innocent (Attorney)

A recent study of those charged with felony crimes as reported data from State Court statistics examined differences in the outcomes achieved by the public defender, assigned counsel, and private attorneys.  One of the most shocking statistics in the study is the percentage of defendants that end up pleading guilty to felony charges.  Regardless of the type of attorney they had, some 96 to 97% of those charged ended up pleading guilty.

There’s No Such Thing as a Simple Misdemeanor – You Deserve an Attorney on Your Side

Frequently I hear someone refer to a charge or conviction as a simple misdemeanor.  While I realize that the term is used to describe a crime that carries with it the lowest sentence, there is nothing simple in terms of having to deal with the charge.  It is serious, and you can be sure that the district attorney, whose job it is to prosecute you, takes it very seriously.

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