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Someone recently asked me (Randy Ivie) if I thought, given all the distractions of drugs and alcohol, it was harder to be a college age student now than when I was that age.  The person who asked the question is just as old as I am, and apparently assumes that alcohol and illicit drugs are more readily available today than might have been true in the past. 

Criminal Court: It pays to know when to keep your mouth shut. Particularly when you are in front of a Judge. Sanders Lawyer

Recently, a defendant was escorted into Forsyth County Court from jail to face charges that he had violated a protective order*.  No sooner was he in the courtroom than he started attempting to communicate with the person who had taken out the order against him.  The judge quickly approved a $5,000 bond.  But because the defendant kept communicating to the other party in the courtroom while his case was before the Court, the Assistant District Attorney changed the request so that the bond would be increased to $10,000. 

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