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NEWS RELEASE: Sanders Law Firm Gets Judgment against defendant for $27,703.73

Lexington, Davidson County, North Carolina:

The Court entered a $27,703.73 judgment against defendants. Sanders Law Firm, PLLC represented the out-of-state plaintiffs who brought the action. In addition, the court awarded attorney fees of $4,155.55. The attorneys are now in the next stage of the collection process which is to send the Sheriff to execute against the assets of the defendants. Meantime, the interest on the judgment accrues at 8%.

NEWS RELEASE: Sanders Law Firm Obtained Judgment for $31,716.97

Sanders Law Firm's attorneys obtained a judgment in Forsyth County Superior Court against an Alamance County manufacturer in the amount of $31,716.97. Defendant debtor has begun making payments towards judgment in lieu of the law firm executing against their property.

Sanders Law Firm's Lawyers represent clients for collection matters in North Carolina including Kernersville & Winston-Salem. Call Kirk Sanders at (336)724-4707

Fair Debt Collection Act (consumer debt)- the 2006 law

If someone owes you money & it's a consumer debt. See below for definition of "consumer". You  need to be careful that you abide by the federal and state rules pertaining to how you may collect against the debt. Failure to abide by the rules could actually get a judgment entered against you, the creditor.

Below is the 2006 FDCPA. Know it.

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Collection Matters-- start the collection process as soon as you can

In this day and age, businesses and customers are more likely to fail to pay you for money owed.

Clients need to have internal policies to monitor their accounts receivables regularly. When accounts are late, special letters need to go out after 45 days. More pressing letters need to go out at 60 days and 90 days.

You need to have trigger points to call an attorney and start a collection lawsuit. Do not sit on old accounts. As a general rule, the older the case, the harder to collect.

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