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Build-A-Bandit absconds with car owners deposits

Build-A-Bandit owner, Robert Allen McElreath, took over $2,000,000 in deposits from car owners then didn’t work on their cars. He’s believed to have fled the state.

Attorney General Roy Cooper said June 3 that a judge issued a temporary restraining order against Robert Allen McElreath. The order issued last week told el Bandito to stop taking orders and advance deposits for automobile restoration in North Carolina.

Injury to Temporary Staffing Employee Law Change

Issue: Can an employee of a temporary staffing agency sue the company where he’s performing services for negligence?

General Rules: 1) The temporary employee is the employee of the staffing agency. 2) Workers compensation prevents suits against employers beyond the scope of Workers Comp claims (except Woodson claims involving willful and wanton behavior). 3) A temporary staffing employee is not treated as an employee of the firm/company where he is performing services.  This is usually in the contract between the temp company and the firm/company that uses the temp.

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