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Are you good at what your business does but get bogged down with administrative matters?

PROBLEM: Do you have time to keep up with regulations for employees & benefits?

THINK: Workers Compensation premiums & audits, handbooks, employees vs. independent contractors, payroll issues, employee benefits, recruiting, hiring, grievances, orientation, training.. . It can get overwhelming and an administrative time suck.

But you don’t want to have to add another employee to payroll.

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Business

Some things to consider before you buy a business:

1)      Some people fall in love with a business/concept vs. some fall in love with being an entrepreneur. The second group is under misconception that you’ll have plenty of free time if you own your own business.

2)      Many underestimate how hard it is to run your own business. Pluas, as I’ve learned, no one is as motivated to work hard at your business as you the owner are. So if you aren’t motivated to work hard, don’t expect your employees to be.

Small Businessess & Employees-- A couple of tips

Having trouble with an employee? Continually missing work? Coming in late? Bad performance?

If an employee is doing something improper or that you deem objectionable, as described above, then give them a WRITTEN WARNING. Have them sign receipt of the warning, if they refuse, then note “refused” on the document. Give employee a copy and the employer should keep the original (in a safe, restricted place).

This helps two fold: 1) It can correct that problem with the employee & 2) It will help protect you against future action.

Warning: Once you hand someone a check it's final. Scam Alert from Winston Business Attorney

So let's say you give someone a check. They walk out of sight, then return a minute later and request that instead of that check could you void it then wire the money to them/ cut it to a different name/ or give them cash.


There's now ways that via smartphone apps they can run that check through their account (and yours) then hand it back & it looks like nothing's happened.

So if you fall for this scam these scammers could extract your money twice!

See below for more information

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