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Test for Unemployed People: Can you start your own business?

Disclaimer: I know many have lost jobs & are in unfortunate situations. End Disclaimer.

But I know of a lot of people milking the system. I have contractors and business owners looking for good help but the people state to them, I'm making good money sitting on my tail.

So here's my test: What would it take for an unemployed person to make their own money without having to seek a job?

Seriously, we're not talking about capitalizing a $350,000 business with machinery, staff, etc.

Business & Life in China. A great book for insight is Peter Hessler's "Country Driving"

I've been reading Peter Hessler's book on China called Country Driving. It's a fascinating look at China and the changes its undergoing during the last 10 years.

It should be a must read for businessmen & government planners associated with commerce. 

The book has 3 parts: 1) his treks along great wall & the migration of the citizens, 2) The Village (the changing village due to migration, & 3) The Factory (the creation of a city & watching the growth of factories in a Chinese development zone in Wengzhai.

To-do List: Off-site Computer Back-up drives (Business & Corporations Lawyer)

If you don't already, you really need to have a system where you take a back-up computer drive offsite at all times. Typically, you should have two offsite back-up storage methods and rotate them between the business and offsite storage location.

How to name a Business whether you incorporate or not

The key is to have a name for your business that isn’t being used by someone else & that you can reserve for web use. So before you incorporate or organize your business, here is my suggestion for how to select a solid name and the best way to make sure that name will not be contested by competitors:

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