Attorney trucking accident

Attorney files Wrongful death lawsuit in Trucking Collision that killed 4 Elderly ladies after a 95th birthday party

Surviving beneficiaries of one of the four elderly passengers killed filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver and his trucking employer, Panama Transfer Inc.

The Wrongful Death Complaint  alleges that both the trucking company and its driver, Kenneth Eugene Snow Jr., of negligence because of Snow’s collision with a car driven by Arlene Laughlin. The complaint alleges that Snow admitted running a red light at a the intersection. All 4 passengers in the car died as a result of the crash.

Trucking Accidents with Permanent Injuries or Death-- the need for Expert Accident Reconstruction Investigators (Attorney)

If you or someone you know was struck by a commercial vehicle, such as delivery vans and tractor trailers, then call us immediately.

The sooner you retain an attorney in a trucking accident, the better we can investigate your claim. The closer to the accident time, the more measurements  and photographs the expert can make, including skid marks and damage to the vehicles. This is key to determine speeds of vehicles and helps the lawyer prove which party is liable for the serious injuries or death of a client.

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