Estate Planning & Health Care POA for same sex partners (Attorney)

When same sex partners are doing estate planning, remember you also have the ability to name your partner as your Health Care Power of Attorney (HCPOA) to make medical decisions for you and be your guardian, if necessary.

Call Kirk Sanders, Attorney, at (336) 724-4707 to discuss your estate planning needs.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina Lawyer.

Piedmont Federal Savings Bank--6 reasons to use them (attorney)

When considering where and who to finance your next home (residential) loan or purchase, consider Piedmont Federal Savings Bank (f/k/a Piedmont Federal Savings & Loan).

Why? 1) They don't sell their loans. 2) If you have a question, they're one local phone call or visit away. 3) Lower closing costs. 4) They didn't need TARP money. 5) If your rate drops between the time you apply and closing, you get the lowest rate!. 6) They're solid and have strong reserves.

35% of College Students use mobile phone apps WHILE driving

According to a survey by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, 35% of all college students use mobile phone applications while driving!

When someone is driving a 3000+ lb vehicle, it's important to focus on the road and driving conditions. What happened to focusing on defensive driving?

If you have been hurt or know someone seriously injured by a distracted driver. Call Attorney Kirk Sanders (336) 724-4707 to discuss the case. The consultation is free for personal injury clients.

Traffic Ticket: Run and You’re Done! (Eluding Arrest in NC)

The North Carolina is considering adopting a new campaign to fight a particular vehicular offense – felony speeding to elude arrest.  Given the success of the “Click It or Ticket” and “Booze It and Lose It” campaigns and the current political climate, the measure is likely to pass.  If so, the new penalty would go into effect on December 1, 2011.

Expunction – Erasing prior charges or convictions

            When was the last time you thought how nice it would be to erase something in your past?  If you’re like most people, there are a few things that you wish were not part of your history.  Under North Carolina law, you can erase some of those “mistakes,” whether ones made by you or by law enforcement officers.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want, but a Criminal Attorney Can Help (deferred prosecution)

My grandfather had a saying:  wish in one hand and spit in the other and see which gets filled the quickest.  I suspect he cleaned up the analogy for the grandchildren.  Sometimes wishes aren’t worth the brain waves it takes to form them. 

Bicycle & Pedestrian Laws--Also, what to do if involved in a crash

Almost everyday a pedestrian or cyclist in this state is injured in a collision on North Carolina Roads. Many of these can be avoided. As  a bicyclists or pedestrian (walker), keep a close look-out for your own safety. While many accidents are caused by car drivers, and the drivers's indifference or failure to see the bicyclist or pedestrian is upsetting, it is still in the riders/walker's best interest to look out for themselves and potential dangers.

Wills & Trusts for Homosexual Couples

Occasionally I have had the following legal question posed to me by a homosexual couple wanting to make their partner a beneficiary of their estate: Can I leave my partner part of all of my estate?

The short answer is "Yes".

If you want to include your partner in your estate planning, please call my law office to obtain a copy of our estate planning questionaire. We can draft wills, power or attorneys, living wills, and healthcare POAs for you at a reasonable price.

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