Business & Contracts

CORPORATIONS, LLC'S (limited liability company), PARTNERSHIPS, & START-UPS

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  1. Whether you choose to start a partnership, corporation, or LLC, we provide the following:
  2. Articles of Organization/Articles of Incorporation. N.C. Secretary of State filing fees: $125.00
  3. Operating Agreement (LLC) or By-Laws and Organizational Minutes (Corporation)
  4. Corporate Kit Book for safekeeping of your documents. Kit fees, if you choose, $75.00
  5. Federal Tax Identification (EIN) application
  6. S-corp tax election filing (you need to consult with a tax advisor/CPA whether you want this tax designation or not)
  7. Employment filing information:
    1. Employment Security Commission
    2. NC Department of Revenue. Department of Revenue forms
    3. For new hires, remember to file Employment Eligibility Requirement - New Hire Form I-9

We have good referrals for payroll service providers
We provide CPA referrals

We give legal advice beyond pushing paper. Because Sanders Law Firm litigates contract disputes and collection cases, we also know how to advise clients so that they minimize their exposure.


Sanders Law Firm, PLLC provides on-going business services to our clients. These include:

  1. drafting leases, reviewing leases
  2. drafting non-competition and non-disclosure agreements
  3. reviewing contracts and drafting agreements
  4. drafting service/work order forms. We litigate collection cases, so we draft our documents to make collecting against non-paying customers more enforceable.
  5. Drafting buy-sell agreements aka shareholder agreements
  6. We will remind you and draft annual minutes and annual meetings for your corporation or LLC. Annual filing fees assessed by NC Secretary of State: $20.00 for corporation and $200.00 for LLC

Unfortunately, in this day and age, you need written agreements rather than handshakes.
Our clients include restaurants, bars, contractors, subcontractors, construction equipment, sales and marketing, film and movie companies, website designers, CPAs, landscape and yard maintenance, real estate, mobile food vendors, water bottlers, family trusts.