Unemployment Part 2: This place has job listings www.uvisor.com

Earlier this month I wrote about my amazement that someone could be unemployed for more than a year. More than 2 years is preposterous. If I were not employed, I'd start a little business (e.g. selling hotdogs, running an in-house daycare, etc.)--For more on that see "Test for the unemployed blog".

Since that time I discovered www.uvisor.com . On the Uvisor site you can search by location or field of work. There's a lot of jobs out there. So if you're looking for a job, try them out.

Meantime, several people have related stories to me that their relatives and neighbors haven't worked for years because of unemployment benefits, re-training initiatives benefits, and more. One told me his brother-in-law while unemployed and getting re-trained, built an addition on his house. Life must be good for that fellow.

I have one contractor who can't staff his crew because, in the words of one employee, the guy could make as much staying home. And here's what the contractor had to offer: $150 per day, plus meals, lodging, and travel paid by contractor.

Just something to mull over in juxtaposition to an article in the paper last week about Congress considering aid to the unemployed. 

Bottom line from a taxpayer: hit the streets looking for a job, go to uvisor.com, knock on the doors of businesses (door-to-door). Don't sit in your house and write letters or scan the internet only. It takes the web AND hitting the streets.

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