Test for Unemployed People: Can you start your own business?

Disclaimer: I know many have lost jobs & are in unfortunate situations. End Disclaimer.

But I know of a lot of people milking the system. I have contractors and business owners looking for good help but the people state to them, I'm making good money sitting on my tail.

So here's my test: What would it take for an unemployed person to make their own money without having to seek a job?

Seriously, we're not talking about capitalizing a $350,000 business with machinery, staff, etc.

I want to see somebody who says they can't find a job turn to 1) selling hot dogs as a street vender, 2) babysit at their home/run a small time daycare, 3) be a handyman, 4) be a runner for businesses, 5) free lance security guard services. 6) Maybe you simply make a product at your house. I just came up with these as I typed them. It can't be that hard to try one of these.

So the test: can someone start making money and how much would it cost to start-up?

If you do, keep your overhead low (buy only what you NEED, not what you want or THINK you need). Look into government regulations.

As for the job seekers: the Wall Street Journal ran an article about a lady seeking a job in the 1930's. She went door to door at businesses until finally she found someone who needed her right then, right there. She said you got to do more than just go to job fairs and write letters. People need to see you in person.

There's my thought for the day from the Business Attorney.

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