Press Release: Not guilty verdict in District Court. Habitual Assault trial ((winston-salem criminal attorney))

Attorney Randy W, Ivie of Sanders Law Firm, PLLC recently defended our client who was charged with misdemeanor habitual assault and child abuse. The client was found not guilty on all counts. The case involved a dispute with a sibling who was alleged to have started a fight in a public place. Our client was forced to defend herself and her children against what she perceived to be an unprovoked attack. The sister swore out charges against our client. Ultimately, the judge was unable to find beyond a reasonable doubt that our client was doing anything other than protecting herself and her daughter.

While all cases are different and we cannot guarantee verdicts, there is a benefit to having an experienced attorney on your side to present the facts of your case in court. If you are facing criminal charges, call us today at (336)724-4707. Sanders Law Firm, PLLC is prepared to defend you in court.