Posting Land for Hunting in NC (Purple Paint)

If you own land & want to post it so no one else hunts, fishes, or traps on your land, here are two pertinent links.

One is to the North Carolina Wildlife regulations. It’s a very informative document.

The next link is to the NC Statutes regarding posting your property.

The key is to post the sign no less than every 200 yards along the property line. Plus, post every side of the property and every corner.

If posting with a sign, the sign needs to be at least 120 square inches. I bought my signs at a hardware store.

Note: the new rules also permit the property to be marked with PURPLE paint. The stripe of paint needs to be 8” long, painted vertically. The paint stripe needs to be painted between 3’ and 5’ from the ground.

Inform the Sheriff in the county where the land is that you posted the land.

Also, if you allow non-owners to hunt the posted land, make sure you give them WRITTEN permission. Consider adding a release of liability clause in the permission slip.

Strongly consider having a commercial insurance policy on the land too.