Piedmont Federal Savings Bank--6 reasons to use them (attorney)

When considering where and who to finance your next home (residential) loan or purchase, consider Piedmont Federal Savings Bank (f/k/a Piedmont Federal Savings & Loan).

Why? 1) They don't sell their loans. 2) If you have a question, they're one local phone call or visit away. 3) Lower closing costs. 4) They didn't need TARP money. 5) If your rate drops between the time you apply and closing, you get the lowest rate!. 6) They're solid and have strong reserves.

Kirk Sanders, Attorney, handles Piedmont Federal closings. My standard rate is $350 for refinance & $400 for purchase in Forsyth County. When you get a Piedmont Federal loan, designate Kirk Sanders as your closing attorney. Tell your Piedmont loan officer I recommended them.

I've been searching real estate titles since 1994.

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