New Radar Technology Helps Police Catch Speedsters (Attorney)

If you thought traffic police were a nuisance before, new technology, as seen here, may convince you that they now have an unfair advantage. A new radar system is coming to the United States early next year that can track 32 vehicles across four lanes of traffic with computer generated images of the vehicles, their license plates, and speeds. It comes with infrared spotlights to read license plates at night. The digital readout of the speed changes colors from green, yellow, or red depending on whether a vehicle is travelling at or below the speed limit, within an acceptable range over, or travelling too fast. With the ability to trace the license plate, tickets can be sent by mail to the registered owner.

While some critics claim the technology makes it too easy to catch violators, it does decrease the likelihood of mistakes or inconsistency in the application of justice. On the other hand, many have a problem with the government being able to know the location of a given vehicle at a particular time when there is no violation of law.

In the end, the technology will likely increase revenues, decrease the cost of patrolling traffic, and, over time, create a new respect for speed limits – or at least speed traps.

If you have had a run in with the law, we will work to make sure that you are not treated unjustly. Before you simply pay a traffic ticket, call Sanders Law Firm (336) 724-4707 to discuss the consequences and the possible alternatives. Traffic ticket attorney fees start at $200 (not including court costs).

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