NC Condemnation Cases-Hendrick Bryant

A Winston-Salem law firm, Hendrick Bryant Nerhood & Otis, has taken on the NCDOT in a class action lawsuit affecting the Northern Beltway in Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, North Carolina.

The owners, who have had their properties listed on the Register of Deeds as being in the Northern Beltway, have not had their property purchased by the DOT and can't sell it  for market prices with that blemish on title. It's a trap these owners have lived with for over 12 years.

Only one firm stepped up to help them. That firm is Hendrick Bryant 336-723-7200. Matthew Bryant is the lead attorney. Presently the class action status has been argued in front of the N.C. Supreme Court and a decision is pending.

For condemnation case (takings), including the Northern Beltway matter, contact Matthew Bryant.

Here's a link to the a report on the arguments: