MG-Classic Car as Daily (Rain Update)


Well it’s day 2 of the Autumn rain. That means two days that water has run between my windshield and my front bonnet then streamed onto my left pant leg.

My floor carpet is wet from the day before. I added more water to the floor pan pond.

This is normal for MG’s and most of older British convertibles. I seem to remember some trickles in my BMW 2002 tii. But British roadsters are definitely not waterproof.

Compound that issue with my windshield wiper stopped working last night.

Today on my ride into work my windshield fogged up. Now there is no power defrost fan to clear that up in seconds. Thankfully a sock was handy to wipe down the windshield before I ran off Robinhood Road. I had to wipe it down repeatedly until I arrived at work. Just a couple less things for those of you driving your modern cars to work to worry about.

So my car is 49 years old (made in 1962), imagine how it was for the drivers in Model A’s & Model T’s.

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