Map Act Inverse Condemnation Cases Status

The link below discusses the status of the Map Act cases in North Carolina as of January 20, 2017. The Map Act and its cases, namely Kirby v North Carolina Department of Transporation, ruled that the NCDOT took property owners' fundamental property rights when the NCDOT filed the Map Act Corridors on the register of deeds in the respective counties. These counties include Forsyth, Wake, Guilford, Cleveland, and Cumberland, to name a few. This claim is called inverse condemnation. 

Since the landmark decision, Hendrick Bryant's eminent domain attorneys have been proceeding with all due haste to obtain just compensation for the property owners. While winning at the trial court level, the NCDOT has chosen to appeal all rulings against them. In essence, re-appealing the Kirby decision, in our opinion.

The link below discusses in detail the progress to date in each respective county.

If you have an eminent domain case or a Map Act case, contact the property owners' attorneys who challenged the NCDOT on the inverse condemnation case all the way to the North Carolina Supreme Court (twice).

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NC Map Act Coridor Cases