Legal Zoom to start your business, really? or Why you shouldn't be cheap getting your business started?

Legal Zoom to start your business, really? So you’re going to pay $99 to Legalzoom (PLUS filing fees). They’ll send you some documents. You fill some of them out & think you’re done.

Legalzoom expects you to fill out all the forms. Legalzoom sends you a blank operating agreement. Operating Agreements govern how the owners treat contributions, loans by owners, sale of ownership interest, voting, deadlocks, etc. (Read: this is an important document). Most people don’t fill in the Operating Agreement. Now they have troubles.

Example of problem of not having an operating agreement. We had a client come to us with a deadbeat co-owner (member). They didn’t have an operating agreement. We had to file a superior court lawsuit to remove the deadbeat. It wasn’t cheap.

My standard fee for starting an LLC and drafting Operating Agreement and filing Tax Id Number (EIN) and if you want an S-Corp election is $350. Plus Secretary of State filing fees of $125.

In that fee, I am available to give you start-up advice, Issues in which to be aware, and ask you questions to tailor how we organize your business and more.

But if you choose to go with Legalzoom, please note, I’ve helped fix problems when somebody went the cheap route.

In addition, there are times when an LLC or Corporation is not necessary. I’ve saved folks money by advising them they might as well be a sole proprietorship and keep costs down.

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