Landlord Notice to to Tenant to terminate leases


As a landlord, sometimes you need to terminate a lease even when the tenant is a paying tenant. In North Carolina the statutes say that you need to give the tenant notices as follows:

1) A tenancy from year to year may be terminated by a notice to quit given one month or more before the end of the current year of the tenancy;

2) a tenancy from month to month by a like notice of seven days;

3) a tenancy from week to week, of two days.

***Mobile Home lot rental exception: Provided, however, where the tenancy involves only the rental of a space for a manufactured home (trailer/mobile home),  a notice to quit must be given at least 60 days before the end of the current rental period, regardless of the term of the tenancy.

I recommend you document when you gave the notice & how you communicated it whether telephone, message, or written posting on the premises. I prefer posting in writing. Keep a copy of the notice & make sure there is a date. 

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