How to name a Business whether you incorporate or not

The key is to have a name for your business that isn’t being used by someone else & that you can reserve for web use. So before you incorporate or organize your business, here is my suggestion for how to select a solid name and the best way to make sure that name will not be contested by competitors:

Step 1

Does your name tell your customer what you do? As a general rule, this is a good idea. If I’m looking for a barber shop, will I be more likely to find a barber with the name “Barber Shop of Rural Hall, Inc.” or “Sanders, LLC”? If it is a real estate holding company, naming really doesn’t matter as much as a retailer or service provider.

Step 2

Go to the N. C. Secretary of State website and check name availability. While you are at this site, look at any similar names for companies to make sure you won’t have any confusion of a similar business. For example, if there is already Sandblaster Paint Shop, Inc. you should re-evaluate filing Sandblaster Paint & Scrape, LLC for your business even if it is available. Customers might mistakenly go to the other company, rather than yours.

Step 3

Is your name already registered and trademarked by a similar business? Go to and do a trademark search.

Step 4

Has the website address been registered using your name? Go to

Hint: you may have to try different variations, be creative. In general, the shorter the webaddress, the better.

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