Failing to get permits, violation of code, negligence per se

Failing to get proper permits, such as electrical and plumbing work, is a violation of the building codes. Liability for failing to get the permits and the inspections can create a case against the owner and the persons providing the labor. 

This is from a recent Summary Judgment brief we argued:

The purpose of the North Carolina Uniform Residential Building Code is to provide minimum requirements for safe methods of construction for the erection, construction, enlargement, alteration, and/or repair of buildings and/or structures. N.C. Bldg. Code Sec. 101.2 (1978). The Building Code has been held to have the force of law and a violation thereof is negligence per se. Drum v. Bisaner, 252 N.C. 305, 113 S.E. 2d 560 (1960); Sullivan v. Smith, 56 N.C. App. 525, 289 S.E. 2d 870, cert. denied, 306 N.C. 392, 294 S.E. 2d 220 (1982) and cases cited therein.

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