Driver Beware! North Carolina Ranks among the top 25% of States with Worst Drivers.

According to a recent study (reported in using data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (driving fatalities), the American Motorists Association (which states hand out the most tickets), and MADD (drunk drivers), North Carolina ranks number 12 in a comparison of states in terms of having the worst drivers. This data is used to calculate insurance rates, but the cost may be much greater than dollars spent on coverage.

The study concludes that the further south you travel, the worse the driving. At the northern end of the spectrum, Massachusetts had the lowest fatality rate for drivers in the nation. Somewhat surprising given that the northern states tend to have far more snow and ice. One statistic that appears to be constant throughout the states is dangerous conditions increase in rural areas. While there are eleven states that the study ranks as more dangerous than North Carolina, the study suggests that drivers need to be on the defensive in our state. ANOTHER REASON TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ADEQUATE LIABILITY INSURANCE, INCLUDING UIM (UNDERINSURED) & UM (UNINSURED). DO NOT BE COMFORTABLE WITH LIMITS OF $30,000 OR $50,000. IT DOESN'T COST MUCH MORE TO BEEF UP YOUR INSURANCE LIMITS. If you or someone you know has been injured in a vehicle accident, whether car, truck, or motorcycle, call Sanders Law Firm (336) 724-4707 today. We will work to make sure that the person responsible for your injuries is held accountable and that you are fairly compensated. Auto, car WRECK, trucking death, motorcycle, accident lawyer, Sanders Law Firm, Kernersville, Winston-Salem & High Point