To-do List: Off-site Computer Back-up drives (Business & Corporations Lawyer)

If you don't already, you really need to have a system where you take a back-up computer drive offsite at all times. Typically, you should have two offsite back-up storage methods and rotate them between the business and offsite storage location.

I have seen situations where an employee steals a laptop computer. The computer had accounting data and plenty of business related matters. It handcuffed the business as it needed that data to keep performing the normal business functions. And if the business gets the computer back, there will be questions whether the employee tampered with the data and covered up embezzlement and employee theft.

Another time, the police confiscated a business computer and all its collection data was taken. This left the business without any way to record any new payments for a week.

There are plenty of other examples, such as fire at the place of business or a virus attack on the computer network.

A back-up drive in an offsite location helps minimize the risks that all its computer data will be destroyed and lost.

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