Construction Trial Victory for Builder

September 2016: After a week and a half trial in Dobson, Surry County, the jury came back with a unanimous verdict in favor of the contractor.

The contractor, who was represented by Kirk Sanders, had built 85% of a 7,000 square foot log lodge (log cabins are uner 1000sf, a lodge is 5000sf+) for the homeowner. The homeowner fired the builder before he could finish because she didn't want to pay.She then hired her own subcontractors. At trial, under cross-examination by Mr. Sanders, the owner acknowledged she never met her replacement general contractor. In fact, she thought she had a different general contractor until she looked at the certificate of occupancy. The owner had counterclaims for workmanship. However, the jury astutely determined that the work she complained about was the work done subsequent to the builder being terminated by her.

The jury awarded the general contractor everything he asked for in the complaint. The owners counterclaims were rebuffed by the jury.

This was a construction litigation lawsuit. The trial was reported in the Mount Airy News:

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