Classic Car Redux or a New Day. My purchase of an Austin-Healey 3000

After two expensive attempts at restoring classic cars-- my first was an ill advised Triumph TR6 with structural issues & the second an overly expensive restoration of a 1962 MGB-- I have once again dove into a restoration project.

On Saturday, November 12, 2011, I purchased a 1967 Austin Healey 3000 BJ8. It needs a new front shroud. It’s been sandblasted down to bare metal. Interior & top look fine underneath the layer of dust and sand. It has 45,000 miles and the second owner sold it to me. He decided against completing the restoration.

So now I hope 3 is the charm.

I took a mechanic with me who knew the car and worked on it prior to the stopped paint job. This car is complete. Good, new exhaust system, hydraulics were re-done before it had the 3 year paint hiatus, new steering box.

I’m working on the restoration plan. My first goal is get the Big Healey running. The longer these cars sit, the worse for the lines (clutch, brake, etc.). We’re also looking for a replacement front shroud. The shrouds are made of aluminum and are expensive to ship because they have to be braced to a greater degree than a steel part of the same size.

The mechanic told  me that he’d worked on this car for over a decade and never realized the shroud was so mangled. The body man who repaired the shroud had used 20 lb of bondo. In the words of the mechanic, this guy was Michelangelo to have sculpted that much bond on the shroud.

If you need a great British mechanic who can have your MG, Jaguar, Austin-Healey, or Triumph humming, call Donald Ross at 919-934-1915. He’s based out of Raleigh/Zebulon in North Carolina.

This time I’m getting all my work quoted and contracts executed.

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