Car Insurance Coverage Limits

Insurance liability limits are very important. Just having the minimum policy limits in North Carolina is not sufficient. Those limits are only $30,000.00.

If you cause an accident and are liable for someone’s injuries, there is a high likelihood the damages will exceed your $30,000.00 amounts. Any judgment obtained that’s higher than your policy limits would either mean you have to pay out of pocket or have a judgment placed against you and any other owner of the vehicle. For very little more in premiums, you should up your liability coverage. Speak with your agent about the price difference.

Also, make sure your UM/UIM (uninsured/underinsured) coverage is substantial. Consider this: the person that’s out on the roadways with no insurance (an uninsured driver) is likely to be a lot more irresponsible. That uninsured driver is more likely to run the red light at 45 mph and hit someone. If there not properly insured, you better be. Again, the costs of a decent UM/UIM policy limit is not substantially more. People pay the majority of their insurance premium just on the mandatory limits amount.

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