Business & Life in China. A great book for insight is Peter Hessler's "Country Driving"

I've been reading Peter Hessler's book on China called Country Driving. It's a fascinating look at China and the changes its undergoing during the last 10 years.

It should be a must read for businessmen & government planners associated with commerce. 

The book has 3 parts: 1) his treks along great wall & the migration of the citizens, 2) The Village (the changing village due to migration, & 3) The Factory (the creation of a city & watching the growth of factories in a Chinese development zone in Wengzhai.

Hessler writes with a gift. He follows citizens through each story and weaves in amazing facts. It's fascinating to see how the Chinese do business, whether it's the guanxi (businness connections), cadres (the local government folks in control), dealing with workers, and more.

This book will make you wonder what we should be doing to be ready for this change. What's going to happen next? How are we going to be doing business with this kind of competition/collaboration.

Kirk Sanders, Business Attorney