Bonded & Insured claims by Maids, Tree Guys and others

Have you ever received a business card that says "bonded and insured?" What does it mean? Is it important that a business providing you services be bonded and insured? Being bonded means that the business has securely set money aside with a bonding company that is available to you as the consumer should the business injure you or your property in some way. Being insured means that the business has a policy with an insurance company that will pay out certain claims up to the policy limit. It's important to know whether a business providing you with services has a bond or insurance. Chances are that if one of the employees damages your property, steals property, or injures you in some way, their bonding company or insurance carrier will be the one paying out the claim rather than the business itself. So how do you find out if the business has insurance? If a business claims to be "bonded and insured" on their business card, don't rely on the business card alone. Ask to see documentation of the bond or insurance policy, for example a Certificate of Insurance. It needs to be valid through the date of service. If the employee or owner refuses, beware of doing business with them. Alarm bells are ringing. This is a major sign that they are not trustworthy. Call me beforehand if you have questions or concerns (336) 724-4707. We've been involved in a case where a maid stole gold and jewelry from 10 to 15 families over a period of time.