Big Brother is Watching – Administrative Reviews for Certain Professions

Professionals often fall under the supervision of a state commission or review board.  Architects, auctioneers, real estate brokers, accountants, doctors, nurses, lawyers, dentists, appraisers, home inspectors, and barbers – yes, barbers – are just a few of the professions that have to answer to a state agency’s licensing board.

Some find that they have to answer to more than one such entity.  For example, a Nurse Practitioner in this state has to be approved to practice by the Board of Nursing and the Medical Board. 

The stated public policy behind all this supervision is the protection of citizens.  On the other hand, it creates a massive bureaucracy that spends great resources in keeping watch over those same citizens.

When a professional runs into trouble with an administrative agency, one thing is almost certain: the agency and its employees know a lot more about the review and discipline process than the professional.  Even if you want to fight the charges being made against you, it’s not always clear what your rights are.  Before you respond to the inquiries of an administrative board or agency, call us.  We are here to help you maneuver the bureaucratic maze and protect your rights in the process. 

Remember, this is your profession. An adverse ruling could mean you lose your license in some circumstances or have a record of discipline against you.

Other licensed professions: Cosmetic Art, Auctioneers, Bail Bondsmen, Foreign Legal Consultants, Contractors, Engineering & Land Surveying, landscape architects, foresters, geologists, soil science, irrigation, sanitarians/wastewater treaters, pawn brokers, recreational therapists, watchmakers, interpreters, social workers, hearing aid dealers & fitters, certified public accountants (CPA)