Attorney Referral Fee Split NC

We appreciate referrals from attorneys who have faith in our pursuit of litigation cases.Some referrals, particularly contingency fee cases, may be potential attorney split fee arrangments. In these cases, we will share attorney fees with the referring attorney. There are guidelines for sharing fees pursuant to the NC Rules of Professional Conduct, including fee agreements. These fee splits do not affect our clients.

I welcome having a client's trusted, legal counsel helping the client assess the case and determine whether valuations are correct and whether to risk recovery at the trial level. Your involvement in the case is crucial.

With these arrangments, we take on the heavy liffting and know-how for the litigation cases that we know how to handle.

Here are a few examples of attorney referral distributions in the last several years

  • $183,000 eminent domain case;
  • $119,000 in estate litigation matter;
  • $80,000 in fiduciary litigation matter;
  • $64,000 in personal injury case;
  • $55,000 in will caveat case
  • $16,667 in wrongful death vehicle case;
  • $37,100 dog attack case; and
  • $11,500 wrongful death case and injured party.

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