$5,057,000 judgment, appeal, collection

Co-counsel, Matthew Bryant and Henry Parr Jr. obtained a judgment for plaintiff in a breach of contract lawsuit in Forsyth County, North Carolina.

The case arose when the defendants were bidding to provide lodging for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. The defendants were going to use 3 cruise ships as floating hotels. In order to bid, the defendants needed to demonstrate financial ability by having a multi-million dollar letter of credit. 6 days before the bid was due, the defendants approached plaintiff. Plaintiff obtained the irrevocable letter of credit on their behalf just before the bid was due. Defendants took the letter of credit in hand and hopped on a plane for Seattle. From Seattle the defendants drove to Vancouver to deliver the bid with the letter of credit.

In return, the plaintiff was to be compensated pursuant to a letter of intent between the parties.

Defendants won the bid. However, a lawsuit arose between defendants and the Canadian government. Ultimately, the defendants reached a $17,000,000 settlement with the Canadian government in December of 2014. During that litigation, defendants attempted to re-negotiate the agreement with the plaintiff.

After resolving their claims with the Canadians, the defendants refused to pay the plaintiff per the letter of intent. Plaintiff filed suit in Forsyth County, North Carolina.

During discovery, plaintiff filed a motion to compel discovery against the defendants for failing to turn over all the emails. The superior court judge ordered the defendants to release the information. Defendants appealed the case to the Court of Appeals. The appelate court upheld the trial court's ruling.

Afterwards, the plaintiff filed summary judgment against the defendants. The superior court ruled for the plaintiff on liability and damages. Plaintiff was awarded $5,057,000 plus interest.

Defendants appealed this ruling. During the appeal, the plaintiff pursued post judgment collection methods against the defendant LLC and the individual defendants in North Carolina, Georgia, and in Washington. The post judgment collection included orders for the defendants not to dispose of assets and more.

During the appeal and post judgment collections, the defendants agreed to pay the plaintiff a confidential amount of money.

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