Foreclosure Sale 2712 Basswood Ct

Date of Sale: October 26, 2022 at 10:00am at Fo. Co. Hall of Justice. 2nd Floor

File: 22 SP 513 Forsyth County

Address: 2712 Basswood Court, Winston-Salem, NC

Tax: 6817-52-3578

Description: Lot 18 Basswood Court, PB 21, Page 125

Deed of Trust: Book 3701, page 425

5% cash bid (certified funds)  or $750, whichever greater required of high bidder at courthouse. 10 day upset bids.

Kernersville Farm, Residences or Development For Sale

COMING SOON: 2431 Pisgah Church Rd. & 2405 Pisgah Church Rd.

27 acre farm with house and barns & 1.15 acre farm house

Adjacent railroad; near West Mountain Street

Peddycord Estate. To be sold

Neighbor has additional 30 acres that should be combined.

Guardianship & Incompetency Cases in NC

What is involved in an incompetency and guardianship proceeding?

First, there is a determination whether the adult is incompetent to handle their own affairs?

If so, then after the clerk determines the ward is incompetent, there will be a hearing to determine who should be appointed 1) Guardian of the Estate & 2) Guardian of the Person

Partition Sale - Stokes County 2020-21 Acreage

Commissioner Roger Marion is selling several large tract properties in the Gibson Estate Partition. The commissioner is selling the property privately, call him at 336-591-4002 to make an offer.

Middleton Rd in Saura Twp of Stokes Co: There are three contiguous tracts 66 acres, 14 acres, and 10 acres. Less than a 1/3 mile from Belews Lake. 6983523310.000 , 6983529437.000 , 6983518097.000

Attorney Referral Fee Split NC

We appreciate referrals from attorneys who have faith in our pursuit of litigation cases.Some referrals, particularly contingency fee cases, may be potential attorney split fee arrangments. In these cases, we will share attorney fees with the referring attorney. There are guidelines for sharing fees pursuant to the NC Rules of Professional Conduct, including fee agreements. These fee splits do not affect our clients.

Timeline in Will Contest Litigation in NC

In the video link:  , NC Estate litigation attorney, Kirk Sanders, explains the steps in a Will Contest a/k/a Will Caveat or Challenging a Last Will & Testament. Will Caveat cases follow the normal superior court level cases with a few twists

Thesem include a timeline and explanation of the steps, including, but not limited to:

1) Filing the Caveat (Complaint)

2) Serving all the interested parties

3) Aligning the Interested Parties

Partitions in North Carolina

Here is some basic information on partition actions.

What is a partition action? This type of litigation is a special proceeding filed with the Clerk of Court when multiple property owners (more than 1) own a property and disagree how to handle the property.

What type of disagreement? Perhaps one owner wants to sell. In another situation, one owner wants to divide the property and not own it undivided. In another, the parties desire different uses for the property (eg. farming vs. developing).


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