Partitions in North Carolina

Here is some basic information on partition actions.

What is a partition action? This type of litigation is a special proceeding filed with the Clerk of Court when multiple property owners (more than 1) own a property and disagree how to handle the property.

What type of disagreement? Perhaps one owner wants to sell. In another situation, one owner wants to divide the property and not own it undivided. In another, the parties desire different uses for the property (eg. farming vs. developing).

Lake Norman Lake Front Property - PARTITION FINISHED

Lake Norman Property (lake front) Sale –  THIS PROPERTY IS SOLD.

Iredell County (18 SP 383)

Address: *** Bridgewater Ln. Tax parcel Id (REDACTED POST CLOSING)

Tax Value $312,000.

Appraisal (2018) valued at $365,000. * Please note, this was an appraisal done for a specific person. All bidders must rely on their own judgment and the opinion of their own professionals.*


Included: Pier / boatslip and single wide (hooked to septic)

Foreclosure Sale: 2709 Polo Road (Forsyth County)

Notice of Sale of Real Property (Foreclosure)

Sale Date: 11/7/18 at Forsyth County Courthouse

Time: 11:00 am

Address of Property: 2709 Polo Road, Winston-Salem NC 

Tax Parcel: 6816-46-2887

Forsyth County File: 18 SP 121

**Do not call the Trustee for advice or information. If you have questions, seek legal advice from your attorney.**

Domesticating a Foreign Judgment in North Carolina

Domesticating a Foreign Judgment in North Carolina

Call our firm to assist you in domesticating your foreign judgment in North Carolina.

We will need:

1) an authenticated copy of the foreign judgment

2) an affidavit stating the amount of the outstanding balance and whether it has been partially satisfied or not.

HBNSO has extensive post-judgment collections experience, including obtaining orders not to dispose of assets, charging orders, show cause orders, examination of debtors, and pursuing debtors of debtors.

NC Estate & Trust Litigation Attorney

For a NC Estate & Trust Litigation Attorney, contact Kirk Sanders at Hendrick Bryant. 336-723-7200.

Mr. Sanders has handled numerous highly contested estate litigation matters, including

Will Contests (Will Caveats),

estate administration mismanagement,

petitions to administer an estate and appoint administrator or executor,

spousal elective share cases,

trust disputes,

trust termination matters,

trustee removal actions,

guardianship & incompetency matters,

executor actions to recover assets,

Contesting a Will in North Carolina

How to Contest a Will in North Carolina?

These links to our NC Estate Litigation videos may help. is our site dedicated to estate litigation matters, including Will Caveats, Elective Share cases, Interpleaders, Power of Attorney Abuse cases, Guadianship-Incompetency hearings, and Trust litigation cases. 

What is a Will Caveat & Who are the Propounders & Caveators?

Compelling Production of a Will

What happens if one of your loved ones has died and left you property, but a good-for-nothing family member refuses to turn over the will? How do you force that person to turn over the will?  North Carolina gives the clerk of court the power to compel that person to turn over the will by threat of jail time.


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