October 2014

Building a Home & Picking a Contractor

Building a house or doing addition work is one of the largest single investments a person can make in their lifetime. It's the time for you to do research. Know how much you are willing to spend, how much you can afford, make sure you have the plans in mind for your construction, and know which contractor to pick.

1) Determine how much you can spend. Realize that in all projects, there will be surprise expenses & change orders. Build a buffer into your price.

Attorney Referral fee for North Carolina Cases

Recently, Kirk Sanders of Sanders Law Firm PLLC had the pleasure of delivering an $80,000.00 attorney fee to co-counsel in a Power of Attorney Abuse case. 

Kirk Sanders welcomes attorney referrals & strives to keep the referring attorney/co-counsel up to date and informed of developments in the case.

Undue Influence: Grounds for Contesting a Will

One of the claims to contest a will is Undue Influence. The WillCaveat.com post link below discusses the Undue Influence challenge as grounds for contesting a will.

North Carolina courts defines Undue Influence as the fraudulent influence over the mind and will of another to the extent that the professed action is not freely done but is in truth the act of the one who procures the result.

The law requires that in order to state a prima facie case on the issue of undue influence, a caveator must prove the existence of 4 factors: