August 2014

Gap Insurance for automobile? (Personal Injury Attorney NC)

Gap Insurance is a policy rider you can get when you apply for insurance on a vehicle. If you have a loan on your automobile it's a good idea. Especially if you're involved in a motor vehicle wreck.

For instance, you buy a $20,000 and put $1,000 down. You borrow $19,000. If you're in a wreck later the property value of your vehicle may be less than your loan. In that case, the insurance company of the at fault driver would only pay the value, leaving the car wreck owner owing the lender the difference. 

TRO’s-Temporary Restraining Order- Litigation Attorney NC

Recently, in a power of attorney abuse case, Sanders Law Firm PLLC obtained a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the alleged defendants. In this situation, the TRO, signed by the Superior Court Judge in NC, orders the Sheriff to seize and/or secure assets involved in the litigation. A bond was filed in the matter.

To get the TRO we had to show clearly from affidavits and/or a verified complaint that immediate and irreparable injury, loss or damage would result if not ordered against the adverse party.

Disharging a Firearm in NC & NC Hunting Rules

In my quest to locate hunting laws and firearms laws in North Carolina for my personal use, I’ve come up with the following. Please note, it is not exhaustive. Please make sure these rules are up to date. Rules and regulations change.

Depending on where you are hunting of discharging weapons, any questions of extra regulations should be asked of your local Zoning Department & Sheriff in that County or municipality.

Human Resource Consultant for Small Businesses

Are you good at what your business does but get bogged down with administrative matters?

PROBLEM: Do you have time to keep up with regulations for employees & benefits?

THINK: Workers Compensation premiums & audits, handbooks, employees vs. independent contractors, payroll issues, employee benefits, recruiting, hiring, grievances, orientation, training.. . It can get overwhelming and an administrative time suck.

But you don’t want to have to add another employee to payroll.