May 2014

Grandson settles with grandmother to return real property. Power of Attorney ordered to vacate the premises.

Yadkinville, North Carolina--Sanders Law Firm, PLLC resolved a case on the courthouse steps minutes before the case was to be called for trial in Yadkin County Superior Court.

The case was based on abuse of a power of attorney document made by Mrs. E. to her daughter. Within a week of recording the Power of Attorney, which was not done by an attorney, the attorney-in-fact daughter (“AIF”) executed a deed to Mrs. E’s real property to the AIF’s son/Mrs. E’s grandson. The grandson soon thereafter initiated an eviction of the AIF and Mrs. E.

Partition Sale in Stokes County NC

Two tracts to be sold/auction on

June 14, 2014

10:00 a.m.

Location: At the properties on Phillips Road (Sandy Ridge, NC)

The two tracts:

Tct 5B- 6.583 acres along Snow Creek and Phillips Rd. (farmland)

Tct 2- House, shed, and 1.440 acres on Phillips Rd.

The survey of the two tracts can be seen at

NC Attorney: The Case of the Missing Will

The “missing will”. This problem has gone on for decades even centuries. A family member finds a person’s will either while the testator is alive and unaware or in the aftermath when someone dies. They don’t like what they’re getting & destroy the will.

There’s a law with criminal implications if you steal, conceal, or destroy a will or codicil to a will.

North Carolina General Statute § 14-77.  Larceny, concealment or destruction of wills.