December 2013

Security Deposits per North Carolina General Statute §42-52.

Security Deposits per North Carolina General Statute §  42-52.

Landlord’s obligations:  Upon termination of the tenancy, money held by the landlord as security may be applied as permitted in  G.S. 42-51 or, if not so applied, shall be refunded to the tenant. In either case the landlord

1)     in writing shall itemize any damage (this means put a monetary value and list of damages) and

Competent Witness to a Will in NC?

When challenging a will (called a “will caveat”) in North Carolina, some of the factors include whether the witnesses were interested. By interested, the Courts are looking to see if the witness benefits by inheriting under the will. This could lead to a conflict of interest.

North Carolina General Statute §31-10.  Beneficiary competent witness; when interest rendered void. Discusses this as follows:

4th Street Art & Frame, LLC-new Winston-Salem Business

A new frame shop is open in Winston-Salem, NC.

Fourth Street Art & Frame, LLC

336-725-0111 at 846 W. Fourth Street in Winston-Salem (West End)

Craig Brannon, the owner, has been framing pictures and photographs for 12 years for a local frame shop in Winston-Salem. Prior to that, he worked as a framer in Greenville, NC. He gives a discount to artist framing their works. The business also includes a gallery for NC artists.

Car Crash Settlement involving texting while driving

When a defendant is texting while driving is that negligence or willful and wanton conduct?

First, to bring a personal injury claim in NC, the plaintiff (injured person) must prove the defendant was negligent. Negligence is defined as the breach of a duty that proximately caused a persons injuries. An example of negligence is failing to stop and rear ending a car. Another is running a stop sign and colliding into another car.