November 2013

Candy Wars – Hershey Company opposes Mars’ trademark application for cross-section of Snickers bar

            Mars Inc. is attempting to trademark a cross-section of their Snickers bar for use on in-store displays.  The Hershey Company has filed an opposition to the trademark application claiming that the design mark is not distinctive, is functional and generic.

Will challenges based on testamentary capacity in NC

Thinking of challenging a will based on the person’s capacity at the time the will was created?  In North Carolina, there is a presumption that every person has the requisite capacity to make a will. Anyone who challenges the will bear the burden of proving that such capacity was lacking.

Improved NC Act provides greater protection for older and disabled adults (attorney)

            A new law seeks to protect older and disabled adults in North Carolina from financial abuse.  Beginning on December 1, 2013, all financial institutions are encouraged, but not required, to offer disabled adult and older adult customers the opportunity to submit, and periodically update, a list of persons that the disabled adult or older adult customer would like the financial institution to contact in case of suspected financial exploitation of the disabled adult or older adult customer.

Businesses: Copier, Scanners & Faxes Are Overlooked Security Risks

Most companies shred documents and protect secrets with confidentiality agreements. However there are also risks associated with Copiers, Scanners, and Fax Machines. These machines typically  save the information to their internal hard drive when employees scan, copy, or email documents. This creates an opportunity for theft.

Theft can occur by accessing the device remotely or physically acquiring the hard drive when the company sells or returns the equipment.

Consider the HR private information that gets copied on copiers, company numbers and strategies.